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About the Tutor

David is a respected American improv actor, teacher and director whose signature work is that of focusing the actor on setting aside the unnecessary elements of improv training and replacing them with awareness, “presentness” and a strong attention to the moment. In other words, knowing that you have all you need. He has been called "the guru of improvisation" and "an improviser's improviser," who connects the mindfulness of Buddhism with improvisation's core principals of being in the moment, taking care of your partner, and groundedness.

One of the world’s most sought after teachers of improvisation; David was recognised for his teaching, winning the 2015 INNY Award for Best Improvisation Instructor/Coach in 2015.

In his 30-year improvisational acting career, David has worked with The Second City, iO West, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, as a consultant to Dreamworks, BBC's 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', and Amsterdam's Boom Chicago Theatre.

He was Artistic Director of the prestigious Second City Training Center Los Angeles, and is adjunct faculty in the California State University system. He has been a featured performer and lecturer at the Chicago Improv Festival, The San Francisco Improv Festival, the Vancouver Improv Festival, and The Kennedy Center.

As a performer, he has worked with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jeff Garlin, Amy Sedaris and many others, and continues to act and direct professionally in Los Angeles.

David’s approach to improvisation:

“I have a simple approach to improvising: Your present awareness is the only thing you need to create compelling, smart, truthful, and surprising scenes. Period. No games, no preconceived premises, no ideas, no ego. All that matters is now. The actor’s level of improvisation experience doesn’t matter, for all you need to bring to my workshop is your present presence. All you’ll leave with is your joy and excitement and confidence. And after all, what more do you need?”

You can read more about David, and his work, on his website -


“David taught me to overcome my fear of failure which opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities.” - Kari Finn

“I love your very loving, nonjudgmental, and uber encouraging teaching style. Your workshops gave me the nudge I needed to move forward.” - Lisa Akroush

“’Lose that which no longer serves you,’ and ‘Be the Santa of Now Town.’ I remember leaving your class thinking, ‘I want to worship at the church of Dave Razowsky’!!! Spending anytime with Razowsky, be it in a class, workshop or drop-in, will have a profound impact on the way you see & understand improv. You will definitely have those ‘Ah Hah’ moments...” - Michael Morales

“David Razowsky is a genius of improvisation. You will learn to trust your impulses and embody the truth. What I learned:
  • To trust being right, and f*#k being wrong
  • To never hold back
  • To take and give and It will create fluidity
  • Bend to meet the fact
  • Receive and give
  • Work off of your impulse and have a f*#king point of view. That's the truth
  • Hold on to your want (your shit). At the same time you must surrender to the other, the moment. Work moment to moment
  • Let go of your ego
  • Feel what just happened to you. Let it land
  • Notice everything!

“For my money, you're the greatest improv teacher in the world. And I can say that because I've spent my money on your workshops. In your workshop, I was able to develop a rich, real character after taking literally one step. Your teachings go beyond the stage and into real life uses. I wouldn't be the improviser or teacher I am today without your teachings.“

“‘If you want to be interesting, be interested’ - honestly, I think I use this more in real life than I do in improv. A few people have told me they appreciate my conversation style because I do not just ask a question about a topic and then move onto the next topic. I probe with a few more questions that dive below the surface of a topic.”

“‘Go in the direction you are facing’ - I have felt stuck in a few scenes, then you popped in my head with this saying. That quickly got me back to where I needed to be in the next moment of the scene, and the panic subsided. Additionally, this statement is good real-world advice that I have kept in my back pocket (and have dispensed to a few other people, too). It just adds to the idea that what you learn in improv you can apply to real life.”

“I really appreciate the premium you place on patience and being present. [Where I perform] there seems to be a lot of ‘loud’ improv with crazy characters. That is fine, and once in awhile it is good to mix things up with a scene with a slower build. That is a space where I thrive. It is refreshing to find an instructor who validates that my style is also needed on stage!”

“David's teaching is truly transformative. His approach is thoughtful, while his technique compels you to find the truth in every moment, and express it without fear of failure.“

“Two words: the best. Two more: enrol now.”

“Dave's teaching has given me a sense of fearlessness, not only in improvising, but one that reaches, remarkably, into my life's biggest picture. Invaluable.” - Nikki Turner

“I've never seen another teacher in any field with such an indelible blend of energy and affection. Even while I'm learning, I'm laughing at all Dave has to give.”

“I was in your class at Second City (circa '94). About 20 minutes into the session, you stopped a scene, got on your soap-box, and said “‘YOU ARE WASTING A LOT OF GOOD MONEY AND YOU ARE WASTING MY SUNDAY AFTERNOON! QUIT PLAYING IT SAFE - TRUST EACH OTHER - TRUST YOURSELF - GO BIG AND LET THE ART FLOW GODAMMIT!” It was one of my best days in Chicago and our group began to soar. I’m so grateful. I've since worked in the world of leadership & team development and have often wondered how good you would be at this work.”

“David…empowers you to relish the life you create onstage. I will employ the work from the workshop in not just improv, but in dramatic acting, writing, and even music. The classes not only speak to you as a performer, but as a person. The philosophy of David's method of improvisation can really help you adjust yourself as an individual, not just a performer.” - Robert Slack

“Your workshop yesterday was completely amazing. It melted my brain and challenged me in just the right way. Thank you for your guidance and for your enthusiasm for the art.”

“I wanted to say thank you for bridging the gap that's always existed for me between "acting" and "improv" - you were 100% right that they're one in the same, and I'm proud to now call myself an actor that improvises…For me that's a pretty important realization, and something I couldn't have figured out so clearly without you. So once again I say - thanks.”