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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

by Frank McGuinness,
directed by Sian Davis.

at 10am on Sunday, 8 May, at the Theatre
Season: Friday 29 July - Saturday 6 August 2022

Auditions will take the form of script in hand readings.

There are roles for three adult males, age flexible; an ability with the accents would be an advantage.

For further information please email .

About the play:

Frank McGuinness's play is a dramatisation of the true story of Westerners held hostage in Lebanon in the late 1980s. An American doctor, an Irish journalist and a British academic are taken hostage and held by unseen captors in the Middle East. With no one else to turn to, the need to stay alive and sane overcomes their initial divisions and prejudices. In their battle to keep their spirits from faltering, their chief weapon becomes their imaginations, balancing the grim reality of the situation with moments of beauty, fantasy and poignancy. As victims of political action, powerless to initiate change, what can they do? How do they live and survive? A story of determination and imagination inspired by the true account of Brian Keenan.

Note to auditionees: Mairangi Players is a community theatre group. All performers are requested to become paid members of Mairangi Players, and you may be asked to provide a plate for Gala night.

Anyone attending our drama classes is automatically a member of the club.

Check out our membership page for more details.